Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in Joondalup

Relationships can become stronger if both partners can talk about the issues as part of their relationship.

Differences can usually be resolved with through respectful and clear communication

Everyone needs help at times, so asking for help is quite a natural thing to do.

At Perth Psychologists, we are here to help you find help with what is challenging you at the moment.

Counselling can often help you both understand the cause and start to reduce the symptoms.

Counselling has been found to be a very effective way to treat anxiety.

People suffering from depression often have an ongoing negative view about themselves and the world around them.

These thinking patterns become a habit hard to break free from.

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Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) is a particular type of treatment that can help change unhealthy thoughts, feelings or behaviour patterns. CBT is often chosen as a treatment for depression, anxiety, and addiction, along with problems such as sleep or relationship difficulties. Many mental health professionals regard it as one of the most effective treatments for a range of psychological conditions. In CBT three primary elements are involved: cognition, behaviour, and therapy.

Cognitive Therapy

The word “cognitive” refers to the things you think and believe and how they affect your worldview. Negative thoughts often have a harmful effect on your emotions and behaviours and can be self-destructive. This part of CBT focuses on challenging negative thoughts and providing the patient with strategies that may help them form healthier positive thought patterns. If you are looking to unravel your thinking patterns that cause you problems you may be interested in Cognitive Therapy in Joondalup.

Behaviour Therapy

Along with a focus on cognition which addresses thoughts and beliefs, CBT also looks at behaviour and how to change our actions and responses. This part of CBT emphasises teaching skills that help change a person’s counterproductive behaviour. For instance, if you experience anxiety in social situations, you may learn conversation skills that can help you feel more self-assured at parties or in other social scenarios. This strategy may in turn help reduce the negative thoughts you have about yourself proactively and practically. When you use CBT, your psychologist will work with you to challenge your negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts and behaviours. If this seems a helpful approach you could consider trying Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in Joondalup.

A Practical Problem-Solving Approach

CBT teaches the client valuable skills and strategies, and over time it teaches them to be their own counsellor. The process involves recognising one’s own thought patterns and gaining an understanding of their origins. In the example of a person at a party, a person with social anxiety might believe that everyone is staring at them or that no one will like them or want to talk to them. These cognitions lead to anxious feelings, which may lead them to withdraw, which makes it more likely that no one will speak to them, creating a cycle of more negative thoughts. By recognising these thoughts and replacing them with positive thought patterns and practical behaviours, people are often able to break this cycle and make real improvements in their lives.

Where to Find Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in Joondalup

If you are looking for cognitive therapy in Joondalup, Perth Psychologists can help. Sessions with one of our trained psychologists could help you on the path to restoring healthy thoughts and behaviour patterns and to cope better with the situations that make you anxious or upset. CBT can also be used to enhance overall happiness and well-being – not just when there is a clinical problem that needs attention. We strive to help our clients change any negative core beliefs they may have and teach them ways to enjoy the situations and things that have previously caused distress. Understanding and adapting problematic core beliefs can give these convictions less power over us and improve our lives dramatically. Contact Perth Psychologists today to learn more.