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You may be depressed at some level if, for more than several weeks, you've felt sad or down a lot of the time, or have lost your interest in your usual day to day activities.

If you have experienced a number of the symptoms listed below it may be beneficial to talk to a professional. It is equally important however to remember that we all experience some of these symptoms now and again, and while it’s always good to talk to someone it may not necessarily mean you're depressed.

Behaviour (Don’t go out as much, do less work, withdrawal from close family and friends, reliance on alcohol and sedatives, does less of the usually enjoyable activities, unable to concentrate as easily)

Psychological (Feelings of being sad or overwhelmed, guilty, irritable, more frustrated, less confident, indecisive. Thoughts can include a sense of being a failure, that life is not worth living, people would be better off without me or a general sense of pessimism or worthlessness.

Physical (Tired a lot of the time, feeling sick or run down, headaches and muscle pain, sleep disturbance, change of appetite or greater weight loss or gain).

People suffering from depression often have an ongoing negative view about themselves and the world around them. Experiences may be distorted through a negative filter and these thinking patterns become such a habit that it becomes increasingly hard to break out of.

If you answered yes to a number of these symptoms and you think that you or someone you know may be experiencing some form of depression it may be good to talk to someone. Counselling helps you see how your thinking and actions affect your mood and like other habits they can be changed with help.

At Perth Psychologists we have trained professionals who can talk this through with you. They can help you take practical steps to think and act in a different and more energized, motivated way towards life.

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Here is a useful audio track on how to do a Compassion Meditation.