Employee Assistance Program

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What is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a work based program designed to enhance the emotional, mental and general psychological well-being of your employees. The aim of an EAP is to provide preventative and proactive interventions for the early detection, identification and resolution of both work and personal challenges that may affect an employees performance and well-being.

An EAP is a popular method for companies all over the world to provide access to counselling sessions for employees and their immediate family. Personal and work life can be challenging for all of us at times and can adversely impact our performance and well-being. Companies offering the option to seek counselling through an EAP can make a tangible difference to the well-being of employees and contribute to a healthy organisational culture.

Value of an EAP for your Business

Most companies list their employees as their most valuable asset, so looking after this asset makes sense! In an average year one in five employees may take time off for mental health. Given productivity and profitability is known to be impacted by employee well-being, and mental health issues cost Australian businesses more than $10 Billion per annum, an EAP could provide your business a way to look after your most valuable asset while improving your bottom line.

Research has found that the use of EAP corporate counselling services for employees and their immediate families can have a positive impact upon five key areas.

  1.  Reduction in sick days
  2.  Reduction in workers compensation claims
  3.  Reduction in staff turnover
  4.  Increase in productivity
  5.  Increase in personal and professional quality of life and well-being

With the possibility of results like these, EAP services could help your company practically live up to some of your values and assist to deliver on your mission.

To have a look and download the Perth Psychologists EAP flyer simply click here: EAP Information For Employers Flyer. The flyer provides a quick introduction to the value of an EAP for your business and the services offer by Perth Psychologists. The flyer might assist when discuss the possibility of the EAP for your business with your Directors and Management.

EAP Information For Employers Flyer

What are the EAP Service Options?

There are a number of EAP service options available through Perth Psychologists. EAP arrangements can vary from an annual contract, to capped sessions per employee, or a sessional arrangement. Each option contains its own benefits and our team at Perth Psychologists is available to discuss your individual business needs and design the service option to best fit your organisation.

Note, an EAP service arrangement, for employees and their immediate families, is tax deductible for your business.

EAP linkages to training and organisational culture

Perth Psychologists' EAP services can also be offered in conjunction with group or corporate training. The EAP services can provide a gauge of workplace cultural trends and the pulse of an organisation which become evident through the confidential counselling process of individual employees from an organisation. There is an option within the context of the EAP to provide valuable feedback to companies as to what areas of workplace concern may be prevalent and are in need of attention to improve organisational culture and productivity. Perth Psychologists is able to provide a range of group and corporate training modules. To find out what types of training we can provide simply click on our corporate training tab http://perthpsychologists.net.au/corporatetraining.

Contact us to find out more

To discuss options or find out more give the team at Perth Psychologists a call us on 1300 70 50 55 or email us at support@perthpsychologists.net.au.