What is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a popular method for companies all over the world who wish to provide access to counselling sessions for employees and their immediate family. Research has found that the use of corporate counselling services for employees and their immediate families can have an impact upon 5 areas.

  1. Reduction in sick days
  2. Reduction in workers compensation claims
  3. Reduction in staff turnover
  4. Increase in productivity
  5. Increase in personal and professional quality of life and well-being

With results often like these, EAP services can help companies practically deliver on some of the values of their mission statements. EAPs in turn offer us at Perth Psychologists the opportunity to contribute the quality of life and well-being of the corporate sector.

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a tax deductible counselling service for employees and their immediate families is an opportunity for you and can be arranged by way of annual contract or a sessional arrangement.

EAPs can also be offered in conjunction with training, as confidentially identified through the counselling process, which can in turn provide great feedback to companies as to what areas are in need of attention. For the range of training modules available click on our corporate training tab http://perthpsychologists.net.au/corporatetraining.

What are the Service Options?

The contract option is the most common method of arranging an EAP and has a determined limit per employee/family (e.g. 4-6 per year). If more sessions are required the employee can seek them at their own expense unless an arrangement is negotiated with management.

The advantage of this option is that employees can access the service confidentially by ringing the Perth Psychologists 1300 number. This pathway comes with an optional annual statistical report offering organisational feedback to alert management to possible problems within the workplace (without identifying information). The report also includes an organisational analysis and proposed training options. Another advantage is that it can now be advertised as a service that employees can access confidentially without approval by someone in management. The EAP provider records the employee details but does not disclose to the organisation the identity of the employee.

A second option for organisations that want to keep costs down is that they can cap the number of sessions they wish to pay for (eg up to 50 sessions in total). The benefit of this option is that it enables organisations to budget more easily. One limitation with this however is that employees who request counselling after the cap is reached will not be able to access the service. To address this the organisation could choose to extend the cap.

A third option is where organisations can pay for each counselling session by request. This option has the advantage of flexibility in terms of the number of employees that access the service and it enables management to decide what it chooses to cover. A disadvantage with this option is that not all employees will be happy to disclose their issues to management. Employee issues that affect productivity, sick days and staff turnover have often been found to be personal and some workers prefer to not seek help if it is not kept private.

Each option contains its own benefits. Management is encouraged to choose the option that suits the particular needs and characteristics of their organisation. Perth Psychologists is available to clarify the specifics of the administration of the EAP.

One of the tasks with having an EAP is to educate employees about the advantages of counselling and promote the availability of the service. Perth Psychologists is able to assist in this process if required which can take the form of group presentations on the benefits of the counselling process.

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Personal and work life for an employee can be challenging at times. Having the option of counselling through an EAP can make a tangible difference to the well-being of employees and contribute to a healthy organisational culture. Knowing how to set this up doesn’t have to be done alone. Perth Psychologists EAP is here to assist you and the well-being of your organisation.

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