Searching for “Child Psychologist Near me in Harrisdale?” Finding Psychological Anxiety Treatment Therapy from Psychology Professionals



When children show signs of anxiety, the response can often be to think it’s just a phase – that the child is just shy or nervous and will grow out of it. However, there are times when the anxiety becomes overwhelming and interferes with the child’s life. In these cases, you can search for a “child psychologist near me in Harrisdale” and seek out professional anxiety treatment. Acute anxiety tends to worsen over time without treatment, not improve. As children continually avoid the things that they fear, the fears only grow more powerful. Psychological therapy in Harrisdale can give children the tools they need to manage their anxiety both short- and long-term.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy looks at how we think, which in turn affects how we act and the way we feel. When you explore your beliefs and thinking patterns, you often find the cause of your problems is your distorted thinking. When you change these thoughts, you can often remove the fear involved in certain situations. Another type of therapy for children includes a technique known as exposure or response prevention. When kids are educated about how the natural fear response is designed to protect them and are then gradually exposed to things that trigger anxiety in safe, structured environments, they can eventually become more accustomed to these triggers, and in time, the anxiety can fade.

How the Process Helps

Cognitive behavioural therapy can help by giving children a way to get some distance from their anxiety and start viewing it as a separate thing that isn’t a part of them. This type of work done by psychologists in Harrisdale can give kids the skills they need to deal with their anxiety and help them learn to control the fear, rather than being controlled by it. Children can also learn the real ways in which anxiety affects their lives – preventing them from doing things they want to do, such as visiting a friend or sleeping in their own bed, and how these limitations make them feel. When young patients understand how anxiety works, facing their fears becomes more doable.

Where to Find Mental Health Professionals with a Focus on Child Psychology in Harrisdale

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