Impact of Divorce on Children and Where to Find Marriage Counselling, Anxiety Treatment, or a Child Psychologist in Nedlands


When couples face divorce, one of their biggest concerns is often, “What impact will this have on our kids?” Divorce can introduce enormous changes into the lives of children, whether they are very young or nearly adults. Witnessing their parents break up, adjusting to travelling between two different households, and living with only one parent at a time while the other is absent can all create circumstances and feelings that can be difficult to accept. A child’s response to divorce depends on how old the child is; younger children tend to respond differently than adolescents.

Younger Children

The young child’s reality is a dependent one; these kids tend to be connected to parents closely and reliant on parental care. Divorce can affect a young child’s trust in their caregivers, who are not always working as a team. The unfamiliarity and insecurity of being apart from one parent can be hard. Also, younger kids can sometimes tend to fantasise that somehow, their parents will end up back together. Children can have considerable anxiety when faced with divorce. So much of their life may now be unpredictable and new that they may have many scary questions about what has happened and what will occur in the future. They may revert to former habits and ways of functioning, experience separation anxiety, become clingier, throw tantrums, or engage in other behaviours to compel parental attention. Nedlands anxiety treatment from a psychology professional can help allay these fears and actions, which are a bid to restore a feeling of connection in the family.


Where a younger child may react regressively, an adolescent is more likely to respond aggressively. The teenager’s world is more independent, more distant and separated from parents and more self-sufficient. Friends have become more central to a teen’s social life, which now extends outside the family into larger circles. Adolescents tend to be more independent-minded, and as such, they may respond to divorce in angry or rebellious ways. They may even feel that their parents have betrayed their trust and respond by behaving aggressively or distantly. They may feel more and more autonomous and more inclined to act in their own self-interest. Adolescents experiencing a disconnection in their families need help dealing with these feelings and learning positive ways of coping and transitioning through the changes going on in their lives.

Where to Find a Psychologist in Nedlands

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