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Kevin Menon (Manager Consulting and Training)kevin-photo  

(Bachelor of Psychology (Hons), Master of Clinical Psychology, Master Performance Coach)

Kevin is a registered psychologist who has been in the industry for almost 20 years. He is a certified master performance coach and a member of both the Australian Psychological Society and the Singapore Psychological Society. Kevin has worked in the consulting and training Industry for many years and his clients find him an approachable, caring and genuine professional with whom they feel confident to work with.

As a senior manager, he has managed different stakeholders internally and externally, and values building effective working relationships with internal teams, departments, external agencies and partners to create successful outcomes. Kevin has an excellent track record and proven skills in both training and psychological intervention, mentoring and supervision, people management, analytical thinking, communication and project management.

His specific skills include coordination and delivery of face to face, telephonic and online counselling, coordination and delivery of crisis intervention and onsite support, risk assessment, design, development and facilitation of corporate wellness programs, coordination and facilitation of educational seminars and workshops, case management, conflict management, mediation, networking and business development, channel acquisition, relationship management and general consulting.

Kevin is also an internationally recognised trauma and crises management expert and has been called upon to provide disaster and critical incident response to terrorist attacks, bombings, suicides, traumatic Injury, offshore incidents and natural disasters. In his approach Kevin is passionate about wellness, both in helping provide people with the awareness and skills they need to become and stay resilient, as well as helping people and organisations optimise their potential.

Jodie Holwill  jodie-h-bus-photo

(Bachelor of Science (Psychology), Graduate Diploma of Organisational Psychology)

Jodie Holwill has been a registered psychologist for 25 years and also has graduate diplomas in both counselling and organisational psychology. With this unique background she has worked for years with both the oil and gas industry and the general corporate sector to create organisational change.

Jodie has developed in excess of a hundred behavioural-based tools over the last decade, including complex Role Plays, In-tray exercises, Group Discussions, Scenarios and Team Based activities. She has worked with Operations Personnel, Graduates and Senior Management across a range of responsibilities including assisting indigenous candidates applying for apprenticeship and training roles in the resource sector.

Accountable for assessment centres, psychometric testing, report writing, career transitions management, outplacement, behavioural analysis, bespoke exercise design, facilitation and rating sheets, logistics and planning, reports and post assessment feedback/learnings, graduate assessment and development, EAP and general training, Jodie’s responsibilities have been based around building and working with client and customer relationships.

Jodie has also worked for many years working as an internal and external recruiter in a commercial environment, with individuals from the mining sector, oil and gas resources, public and private sectors organizations and not for profit businesses and has specific experience in generalist human resources, mentoring development, survey and training design and industrial relations and has a specific interest in supporting organisational well-being and company values and competencies.

Michael Mullin michael-m-photo-2

(Masters in Education, Certificate IV Business, Diploma of Training Design and Development)

Michael is a professional training consultant who has been involved in the Vocational Educational and Training (VET for over thirty years, both as a trainer and a manager. He worked with TAFEWA for over twenty years, holding positions from Lecturer to College CEO and has been a senior manager and Compliance Officer for Edith Cowan University and the Australian Institute of Technology Transfer. Michael has delivered nationally accredited training across Australia and internationally in Ireland, England, Malaysia, and Tanzania.

Michael specialises in the areas of establishing and maintaining Registered Training Organisation status, including audits, scope changes and additions, course research design and development. Over the past twenty years he has worked with a large number of training packages including: BSB07 - Business Services Training Package, CHC08 - Community Services Training Package, FSK - Foundation Skills Training Package, ICA11 - Information and Communications Technology Training Package, RII09 - Resources and Infrastructure Industry Training Package, SIT12 - Tourism, Travel and Hospitality Training Package, TAE10 - Training and Education, TAE - Training and Education Training Package, TLI10 - Transport and Logistics Training Package.

With industry knowledge relevant to delivery and assessment Michael’s training and assessment background has specialist skills in the areas of workplace training including, Frontline, Leadership, Change, Budget, HR, Conflict, Risk, Contract management, Project Management, Occupational Safety and Health and Purchasing. He has been responsible for preparing annual and 6 month audits and identifying, marketing and managing the development, delivery and assessment of training courses, including: Cert/Dip Training & Assessment, Cert/Dip/Adv Dip Occupational Health & Safety, Cert/Dip/Adv Dip Project Management, Cert/Dip/Adv Dip/Voc Grad Cert/Voc Grad Dip Management, Cert/Dip Contract & Purchasing Management, Management development courses, Decision Making, Leadership, Change Management, Interpersonal Skills training, Competency Profiling and Development of Competency Standards.

Michael also values and understands the need to demonstrate an understanding and application of innovative thinking and practices. By combining a critical examination of trends in thinking and emerging practices with knowledge of social, political, economic and technological developments, he is able to communicate high level competency based training concepts and principles for his corporate clients from development to implementation.