Peaceful lady

Thoughts are powerful tools for helping us get a lot of things in life, but they also give us trouble!

What if we could get our minds clear and our emotions untroubled and it stayed that way. Or if we could learn a way to watch all thoughts and allow all emotions without it affecting our quality of life.   Finally, what if we became so good at this that we started to experience a sense of well-being that was outside of how our life was going – good or bad. An experience of mindfulness mastery.

Mindfulness Training looks at specific skills and ways of dealing with thoughts and emotions in a mindful way - clearly and openly. You learn how to develop neutral, non-judgmental awareness of passing thoughts rather than get caught up in them. It also focuses on our emotional experience which includes feeling emotions fully while they pass so that you can develop the ability to have emotional openness to either good or bad feelings at an increasing level of mastery.

Mindfulness also focuses on transforming our relationship with life’s pain and pleasure. In terms of pain we learn to increasingly dissolve our attachment to needing things to be a certain way in order to experience a sense of well-being or quality of life. In terms of our relationship with pleasure or the good the training targets how to use the pleasure of life for increased well-being.

Finally mindfulness also teaches you how to find the inner core of well-being neither caused nor affected by external circumstances - a deeper sense of self – an identity past the roles that you play in life. Here the individual aims to dissolve the limited sense of self and awaken an unlimited sense of self that has the experience of a sense of internally generated happiness and an openness to and love of others. This training will, with practice, cultivate the conditions for what psychology calls self-actualisation or inner fulfilment or what spirituality calls self-realisation, awakening or enlightenment.